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Very professional and responsive to all communications, highly committed to doing good work.

Brooklyn Publishers, Florida, USA
Highly professional , don't waste your time , S3 InfoSystems will do - no matter how complicated. He did a superb job for us.

David Bain, UK
Our first experience with the firm. They are of the highest quality both in terms of the actual work and the way they work with their clients.

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Customer Support

Our customer care/support are of highly flexible form based on a hub and spoke architecture that incorporates key energy specific customer care/support functionalities. The service levels to customers in the areas mentioned:

Quality and reliability of supply
  • Scheduled and unscheduled outages
  • Notification from utility on scheduled outage
Accuracy of bills
  • Inaccurate meter reading or no meter reading
  • Meter reading unreported
  • No posting of collection
  • Changed meter status
  • Wrong calculation
Payment mechanisms
  • Bill not delivered in time to make payment
  • Preferred vs. available mode of payments
Better complaint handling
  • View your bill & print
  • New Service Connection status
  • Customer Complaints and redressal
  • Report power theft
  • Suggestion/Feedback
  • Form download
  • Tariff
  • Calculate your consumption
  • Energy conservation tips
  • Safety tips
  • Extension of Load
  • Shifting of Meter
  • Reduction of Load
  • Change/Transfer of Name
  • Change of Category
  • Faulty Meter
  • Stop Meter
  • High consumption
  • New Connection