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Utility Billing

It is estimated that transmission and distribution losses in India accounted for around 44% of generating capacity. Among the T&D losses, power theft is a major contributing factor. As per an estimate, the State Electricity Boards are losing around Rs.200 billions annually on account of thefts alone. Since the earnings of the SEBs are not matching the cost of power, majority of the SEBs are unable to pay to the generating company and often the respective state governments have to intervene in the financial matters of SEBs and allocate higher budgetary support to bail out the SEBs. Despite the reforms in the power sector, the situation still remains the same in majority of the states. Scenario in private sectors have also not been encouraging.

Power distribution utilities in India needs to take a holistic, structured approach to deploy and implement best practices in information technology. In a best-in-class distribution utility, information technology serves a dual purpose. For one, it provides the platform for execution of business processes and second, it creates the information base for timely, effective decision making at the operational and strategic levels. Application of IT at the grassroots level would make the Indian utility industry more efficient and effective through reduction of cost and enhancement of revenue. The benefits of information flow across the an organization is:

We at S3InfoSystem understand the intricacies and critical requirements of meter data management, billing, payment and analysis tools for detecting deviations / malpractices and all related issues. We provide billing solutions for all categories of consumers. It aims to ensure proper billing and recovery of dues from consumers, collection and remittance to bank as also to provide an enhanced quality of consumer service, maintenance of back office accounts based on timely and accurate information. Our module takes care of new/temporary connections, disconnection, reconnection and the various stages that form part of the life cycle of a consumer relationship with the utility.

Our energy-billing modules are robust and highly flexible, scalable, and reliable that can meet all business requirements, generate and increase revenue and cash flows and improve profitability of the company.

Integrated Billing System

The applications provided are platform independent and are very user friendly. A robust & flexible system based Billing Engine forms the core of the billing process of the application