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Multiple payment options

ECS Pay Option
  This facility of Electronic Clearing Service ( ECS ) for the payment of electricity bills does not need opening of a separate account. Electronic mode of payment has been introduced by the Reserve Bank of India which provides an option to pay your electricity bills directly through bank account. The bank account would be debited through the new payment mechanism shortly after the due date. Payment instructions would be issued electronically through banker to the Clearing Authority and the Clearing Authority would supply debit reports to the bank with which you maintain the specified bank account. The branch will debit account and indicate the debit entry as "ECS" in the pass book / statement of account.

Pay bill On-line
  The facility for use of any visa, master card or pay through net banking account with Citibank, IDBI Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI , P.N.B or any other banks will benefit consumers and so to the utility.

Voluntary deposit scheme
  With this facility the consumer have the option to pay a deposit in advance and pay future electricity bills which will be adjusted against the same and the consumer can earn interest while he pays his electricity bill.

Collection through bank
The system can be integrated to accept payment through any bank with whom the Utility ties up.