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Cyber Cafe Care Software

"CyberCafe raided by City Police". Most often we come across such news where café owners are harassed and also sometimes jailed as they are unable to keep / provide record of their visitors and ensure their identity. It is difficult to keep and maintain such record as their employee often avoids maintaining complete record for obvious reasons. It is therefore high time that cafe owner install software that provides a cyber cafe manager / owner complete control over the administration, monitoring and reporting of financial transactions:

S3 InfoSystem has developed such software, which has gone extensive user trials and has been developed assuming no special technology knowledge on the part of cyber cafe administrator or the users.

The product has the following features:

Supports prepaid / post paid customers

It allows customers to log specifying an Id, which they have to purchase from the cyber cafe. Prepaid members of the cafe have their own login and password, which they can use to unlock the computers and start using them. They can renew their accounts by paying the staff.


Chatting between the server and client computers now enable the customers to request services without ever getting out of their chairs.

Send Message to All

Send message to all feature enables the operator to broadcast announcements to all users in the cyber café simultaneously.

Records all other transactions

All sales, purchases and expenses can be recorded.

Inventory management

It allows to maintain stock details; One can view the updated stock position by using the Inventory report.


Discount percentages can be defined for non-peak hours of the day and for different days of the week. Price is calculated considering both the pricing scheme and the happy hour.

Staff restrictions and rights

Different staff members can be given different access rights with regards to the operation of Cyber café care.

Customizable Sales / Purchase bill

Bills can be printed showing the pc usage amount and the amount from other services after a customer session.

Control from Server

All the computers can also be controlled directly from the server.

Check status

Details like the number of clients in session, the total number of clients connected, the total amount collected after the last settlement etc. can be checked online.

Database is encrypted and protected

The Cyber café care database is encrypted and protected with password so that nobody can tamper the data records.

Account Settlement Shift Management and Day-Close Operations

A cafe owner can choose to perform the settlement once in many days or many times in one day.

Restricted Windows access / Internet Explorer options

The Windows Control Panel, Network Neighborhood, Display settings etc., can all be locked away from customer or staff access, thus reducing the maintenance costs drastically.

Inventory Control

It can keep record of items like drinks, snacks, hardware and charge other services (or add these items to the customer's bill), check out earnings and get information about charged items for a specified time period, computer, employee or type of service.


On a particular day Daily collections over a period Monthly collections over a period list of prepaid members Transactions of a prepaid member Adjustments/discounts given.


Cyber café monitors all the printer queues available and stores the document names and other details of all the documents printed. This feature has certain limitations.

Many more features can de added as per client requirement. Just email us and we are there to respond.